From simple machines to complex high-speed automated systems, CPS is dedicated to building automated machinery that will reduce costs, increase production and provide years of service.

Our complete automation solutions provide our clients with world class technical expertise and greater flexibility to deliver projects on schedule and on budget.

We will work with you from initial concept right through to finished product, all the while managing the project, giving our clients the peace of mind of dealing with only one supplier throughout the entire process.

Our product gallery below will give you a feel for the high quality and precision automation solutions provided by CPS.


The characteristics of a special purpose machine developed by CPS might include:

  • Positive infeed/outfeed to and from machines
  • Product Gapping onto checkweigher (alternative to scroll)
  • On line base of product coding
  • Positive product transfer gives better throughput of product
  • Accurate weighing of product
  • Eliminates machine downtime due to product backing up on machines
  • Excellent control – stabilizing product at high speed
  • Quality product transfer

Given the above characteristics CPS has developed machinery that performs the following laboursome tasks in an instant, reducing costs and increasing product output for our clients:

  • Base coding of pet bottles and cardboard boxes
  • Product transfer from clean rooms without contamination
  • Product separation to filling machines
  • Conveying of bottles onto a checkweigher at very high speed and accuracy.

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