Automation Update 2016

Automation Update 2016

As 2016 is coming to a close, CPS is reflecting on its’ successful year. After 23 years in business, the drive and ambition to create innovative products and services for clients is still going strong.

Over the past 12 months CPS has provided excellent services to clients on a global scale. Projects were carried out in Brazil, USA, Singapore, Philippines, China, Thailand and Germany for clients in the Technology, Medical Device, Electronics, & Pharmaceutical sectors.

CPS provides committed teams to work on an international scale; it still remains dedicated to clients at home, providing large resources to different client sites for new installations and upgrades.

In 2016 CPS added Nachi robots to its’ portfolio, Incorporating Nachi into custom equipment within the medical device field. This brand of robot proved to be a great success. Included within this range are ABB, Epson, Denso and now Nachi.

Last month, important meetings were held with FlexLink in Milton Keynes. CPS had the opportunity to investigate the new ‘cobot’ (collaborative robot) that’s now available as a standard FlexLink module. This ‘cobot’ will allow people to work in a close proximity with the robot, without a safety barrier. The ‘cobot’ has built in sensors, a safety feature which recognises its’ proximity to humans. This is very exciting for CPS as the Integrator of Flexlink products in Ireland.

CPS is always striving to progress within the automation industry. For this reason CPS has allocated a special R&D team to develop new automated machinery designs. By carrying out such practices, clients can always be ensured they are getting the most advanced technology available on the market.

2017 is set to look to be another busy year, CPS would like to take this opportunity to wish all clients and suppliers a Merry Christmas and look forward to working with you in 2017.

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