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  1. Is Paris a little town? The region of Paris that vacationers see
    includes a population of around 2.2 million. The entire town, including suburbs, has a total population of around 10.5 million.
    Check out the town on a map and you may get a concept of its
    size. lets put it this way ..every few months i drive through it …missing the centre …entering
    the city from the east ..CDG Airport terminal and heading for BORDEAUX ..its dual carriageway
    ..all the way …if im lucky i could drive through it in an hour …thats traveling fast …if
    unlucky ..3 hours ….right now does that sound like a small
    town to you?

  2. Did Frosty the Snowman vote for Donald Trump? You have the mentality of an 8yr old Even Frosty was smarter than that.

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